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*clings to the rafters*

OMG, screw it. It's 7:15 am. I'm giving up on trying to sleep and declaring it tomorrow.

Oddly, I've been more productive in one night of Little Red's Brain Attempts To Ward Off Sleep than I have been for the past four days! Witness:

1) Watched more Lois & Clark Season Two with roommates. SO MUCH GLEEE. Mayson Drake is, in fact, exactly as cool as I remembered her. Sadly, also as doomed. :( I totally remembered a bunch of things that never actually happened, though, like her dating Clark for longer than five minutes and her and Lois becoming reluctant friends... but I've been known to occasionally infer things into TV shows that don't actually happen on-screen, so I suppose that's par for the course.

2) Finished "Girl, Interrupted." I actually read a whole entire book intended for grown-ups! It seems that higher education has not permanently ruined me for literature after all! It worries me that the only other time a book has made me feel this awed by how the writer reached inside me and wrote all the parts of me I can't explain from the inside out into neat pretty prose was when I was wee and read "The Bell Jar." But only slightly. I'm resisting the urge to type out passages and flail to you about the BRILLIANCE of this book, because everyone else totally read it like ten years ago.

3) Reconstructed categorial grammar in my head with help of internet. Ever have those nights where you're all about to drift off finally and then something in your brain goes "OH MY GOD IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER THE COMPLEX WORKINGS OF CATEGORIAL GRAMMAR BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE"? No? *thunks head on desk*

4) Rewrote resume (again) and filled in a long application form for a temp agency. I went to my Very First Grown Up Job Interview last Monday, business suit and all, and was sadly not cool enough for that job. Seriously, the job was ridiculously cool, and I never could have handled it. But I was cool enough to rate a rejection email instead of just never hearing back, so that was nice. :)

5) Taught self to french-braid own hair.

6) Played with rats. I have pet rats! The all-white one is named Spot, after Data's cat and because I heart irony, and the hooded one is named Porthos, after Archer's dog.

7) Attempted to shame self into writing Sparky fic. Failed, so far. Will continue to attempt.

8) Completely ignored the list of things I was actually supposed to do (with exception of job stuff), because that constituted Too Much Work or Too Much Scary. Yes! Watching things that I have DVR'd on the TV? Too Much Work. Friendslist? Too Much Scary And Mad Guilt For Having Ignored It So Much. Attempting to develop a new system of grammar at four in the morning? PERFECT.

There were other things, but I'm already terrified of what my insomniac babbling sounds like. Eep! I now plan to wait until it is morning enough for stores to be open and then walk to the bank, which is 2.5 miles away, in attempt to make myself sleep already. I also have errands at the plaza that's farther down that road, but that's like 6 miles away, and it seems sort of cruel to throw 12 miles at myself without sleeping first. Also, civilization frowns on falling asleep in Rite-Aid.

This post brought to you by roothekittycat, who nudged me and requested that I tell livejournal about my life. So it's my fault that my life is so incredibly mundane, but her fault that you all get to hear about it. *grins*
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