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Arg. Second night in a week that I haven't been able to sleep AT ALL!

So. Tired. Want. To. Die. Arg.

On the upside, I am totally not being an emotional hysterical nutcase! This is the most gleee-inducing apathy ever, since the emotional hysterical nutcase insomnia days back in Massachusetts were no fun. Also, I am catching up on my reading. I am reading "Imzadi II", which I had never read before, and so far there is lots of Worf-bashing by absolutely everyone, but I forgive that because there is OMFG TOM RIKER.

So, drugs. My shrink upped my dose of Teh Celexa Of Awesomeness, and it has indeed seriously made it much easier to live in my own skin. I love not being hysterical. Love eeet. It gave me my pretty, rational brain back, which I really appreciate, and which it didn't quite do at the lower dose. It is not a miracle cure, and I wish it was, but I really REALLY notice how much it's helping. However, my sleeping hours have become stupidly unpredictable and sometimes nonexistant, and that's starting to grate. (Also, I have become a heartless bitch and can't write, but I'm not sure I can blame the drugs for that. It'd be nice if I could.) Sleeplessness is the main side-effect that my shrink was worried about, so I figure the meds are probably a contributing factor.

So. Cut back the drugs, and spend every third day desperately (and oh yes! hysterically!) trying to keep a grip on the nice pretty drugged sanity I have the other two days, BUT possibly sleep more?

I should try lowering the dose, and then decide which state of being is worse. I don't like that I'm actually a little scared to do that. So, not completely apathetic after all. ;)

Anyone have any favorite sleeping remedies to suggest?
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