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no one likes a show-off, Little Red

I think I have officially rocked my temp agency interview and testing!

No, really. People stood up and cheered! And one lady was all "I want to shake your hand!" And I'm not even joking! I am so confused by this place. (Apparently, they have never had anyone type over 100 WPM before, and this was cause for celebration. Don't you love that all that time spent comment-spamming might help me get a job?)

I apparently scored above the level they usually look for even with PowerPoint, which I have never actually used before, proving that life as a grown-up has not rotted away my ability to fake my way through tests. Also, the fact that they asked a lot of questions like "can you open the file menu?" and "can you save this document?" really helped. ;) The testing program itself was really kind of infuriating, though, and made me totally think I failed.

There's also the possibility that they're just really nice to everyone, so I will wait and see if I actually get sent any offers. However, for today! Flailing joy!
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