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Have job! It is amazingly gleeeful, but it is also ALL THE TIME, so I have no time to even check email! (*gasp*) I wear suits every day and talk to lots of people and people say I am useful!

Anyway: the major downside of this job is the lack of time off, and so I can't go to PI DAY!!! *cries* I will have to send an email to the relevant y'all about that once I get more than thirty seconds at a computer. Hopefully I will score myself a day off on Monday, and then I will catch up. :)

For now, the best way to reach me is my cell phone. As I am now in the real estate world, everybody has those ringing all the time anyway. I will also have to get a new one soon that can text message, as one of my coworkers prefers to only communicate that way or something. (Him: "Man, texting and driving is so difficult! It would be so much easier if you could just talk to people!" Me: "... IT'S A PHONE!" Him: "So?" Me: "SO CALL THEM!" Real conversation, no lie.)

OMG! Must go!

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