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Softcore: a space-age novelty yarn.

Dear Friends List:

Star Trek Lesbian Knitters IN SPACE!

The internet has no end of wonders to those who dare plumb its moist, google-y depths.

(Thank you, htebazile, for making my late late night at work just that much more surreal...)


In other words, it is still a toss-up as to whether I am pwnzing work or am being pwnzd. (EVERYBODY THINKS I ROCK YAY. But there is still many times more work than I can do, meh. But this is SO MUCH WAY BETTER THAN SCHOOL, I cannot even BEGIN to express.) Either way, I don't plan to come up for air again until next week sometime. Fic drabbles would not go amiss (so long as you do not mind me not feeding back until next week!). I'm just saying. *smiles sweetly*


It would be wrong to call my new line of knitted things "softcore handknits", right?
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