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01 May 2006 @ 04:18 pm
The Golden Carrot  
ornithoptercat asked me what my other Golden Carrots were, so I dug up the list I wrote under medical supervision.

This isn't really a meme, per se, but I really want to know yours if you're willing to share!

The story: After about eight crappy CRAPPY doctors in Rhode Island, I got one who did not suck in a fabulous way. He advised me to come up with a list of five ultimate goals that would mean that I had recovered. The reasoning was that I couldn't judge my recovery by how I felt, since there was a good chance I'd feel awful for a hell of a long time, but by what I could do. Then I could make wee mileposts toward these five Golden Carrots to make myself feel like I was accomplishing something. W00t!

1) Being able to run or swim 2 miles a day for seven consecutive days. This is the big Physically Healthy one, which started last summer with me dragging my ass to the end of the driveway and back. The seven-consecutive-days part is important, because so much of my illness is about crashing horribly after exertion.
Current status: I walk about four miles a day, but the wording is specific for this goal, so I'm trying to run more and more, and spending time at the gym. I'm also thinking about chopping my hair off to make swimming less time-consuming.

2) Financial Independence.
Status: SO CLOSE! I can't afford to have a car on what I'm making, but that's a sacrifice I'm totally willing to make to scratch this off my list. :)

3) Eat (sustainable # of calories, at least 3 meals a day) and sleep (at least 8 hours) on a set schedule for three months straight. I wanted to call this one "eat and sleep like a normal person," but specifics are good. It's possible this one is a little ridiculous, but it's a good goal to have.
Status: I'm working on it.

4) Finish Brown.
Status: I'm learning a lot of time and stress management skills at my job that will be put toward this someday.

5) Finish an original novel. Thoughts of publishing not required. Just some discipline that I currently lack.
Status: The brain-drugs and the insane busyness threw a wrench in this one, so I'm content to leave it on the back burner for now.

My Ultimate Life Goal -- having kids and raising them consciously -- isn't even on here, because that requires, you know, someone else to be involved, and because something in me grates a bit at hunting up a man just to cross it off a literal checklist. However, that's the real thing that I dangle in front of me as Reasons To Get Healthy, Especially Healthy In The Head.

So! What are your Golden Carrots/Vegetables Of Choice?

And while we're here, A POLL! Relevant to my life, even!

Poll #720726 The Somewhat Relevant To Little Red's Life Poll!

It is better to...

Date someone at work!
Date your friend's little brother!
Date someone from the internet who calls you four times a day and doesn't leave messages!
Date ME!
(Courtesy of Sheryl) Wait until someone invents a machine to turn TV characters into real, sexable people!

If an awards dinner is an evening event but billed as being "business attire", a girl should wear...

A suit! That's "business attire," stupid.
A dress. It's in the *evening.*
A business SKIRT. It's the best of both worlds.
... there are events you go to without fishnets? The horror!

If, theoretically, Little Red should find five minutes to write Very Short Shoddy Fanfics (I KEEP HOPING), she should write:

Mini!otp/pants!verse/fireman!verse/other squeeeverse!
Star Trek: TNG, dude!
Other Star Trek goodness!


And the first line should be...? (If you love me, the first line will *not* be in the first person. Oh, fine, whatever. Continue in comments if no space, plz.)

feel: cheerfulcheerful
elliejaneelliejane on May 2nd, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
3) Eat (sustainable # of calories, at least 3 meals a day) and sleep (at least 8 hours) on a set schedule for three months straight.

You know I totally relate to this one, as my eating habits are all over the place, as can be my sleeping habits.

Also, I am horribly impressed by the walking four miles a day thing. I am trying to drag myself 20mins walking a day after work at the moment. The very idea of trying to put some bounce into the walk, to turn it into a run fills me with horror!

I couldn't do the Poll as I needed to combine/expand on the answers:

It is better to... Date your friend's little brother! And this really means date someone whom you know first outside of a dating environment. The whole "be friends before you date" thing. Because it is easier to build trust and such when you do not have the pressure of being in a relationship. Does that make sense? Hmm.

Awards dinner attire...Am tempted to say 'Go ask for clarification'. Or say to someone else "What are YOU wearing??" (as long as it's not a guy, lol).

Little Red should write... Pants!verse!Sparky! Or other: Sparky with no pants!

Um, I have no inspiration for a first line... ooh, ..."Either Major Sheppard was having a very bad dream, or he really was half naked in the Gateroom..."
Bitch-extraordinaire!: Dana Scullysakuracorr on May 2nd, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Wait until someone invents a machine to turn TV characters into real, sexable people!

This will so be the day when I become the biggest slut the world has ever known.
nenya_kanadka on May 2nd, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)
I heart your friends' list suggestions, although I really think you should use mine. ;)

Should come up with my own Golden Carrots, which really, if I sat down and wrote them out, would be rather similar to yours. Am at least employed (suddenly and OMG and wonderfully at a really nice place) so am at least on the road to financial independence again--and being *forced* to get up in the mornings so therefore going to bed at more reasonable hours.

Am quite, quite impressed with your physical activity goals, though. Haven't got beyond "try to eat things vaguely healthy" and "walk up the stairs occasionally" myself...
ornithoptercatornithoptercat on May 2nd, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, your physical goals are wicked impressive. If in no small part because I don't expect to ever be able to run even half a mile. I probably walk about 2 miles a day, and go up and down several flights of stairs everyday, but that has more to do with living in the city than any sort of exercise regime.

And now that I have an *accurate* idea what we mean by golden carrots, amend mine to:

1) Financial independance, including not having car just sitting in my parents' garage.
2) Career in costume design.
When I actually get #2, it will be immediately replaced with 2a) Career in costume design that pays well enough that I no longer need a lame day job.
3) Drop weight to 130lbs/size 6. Muffintops baaaad.
4) Actually have some sort of consistant daily spiritual life, instead of church-on-Sundays, think-about-God-every-so-often.
5) Do something productive or social, besides work, every day. Go to work, futz around on the computer, eat (ready-made food), and sleep, is not ideal for having a life. Admittedly, this one will probably be much easier when my job does not require me to be up at 5am, but still. Must stop being lazy and anti-social.

I would consider "have your own apartment" and "get and successfully take care of a cat" completed carrots. Along with "grow a spine" - I used to be very conflict-averse, and while I still don't like it, I am much more likely to stand up for my beliefs in a conversation or bug the landlord about issues in my apartment now. And I even had the guts to duck the barrier and knock on the stage door to see if I could get backstage when I went to see Spamalot (didn't get to, but know what I need to do to be allowed in the future... and totally didn't freak out about doing something wicked daring, or get all flustered at having to talk to Some Guy With Authority, in the presence of a bunch of people). I'm still not quite sure how I convinced myself to do that one. I swear roleplaying has really helped me with pretending to be confident and to know what I'm doing when I'm not/don't.

And find a/the Man is still a long-term goal which, because of the requires-chance-meeting thing, does not get to be a Carrot.

Allie O'N: Thanking God for You by RBalliesings on May 2nd, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
My Carrots:

-When I can walk into a store and find clothes that I think I look good in.

-When I can think of pregnancy without fear of my own body.

-When I have deprogrammed myself, meaning that my decisions are made for me and not for the people who I perceive are judging me.