Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

home again home again

I am back in Massachusetts going to yoga at Kripalu and watching Lois & Clark and clinging and squeeeing with mumsey and concocting elaborate giggly stories about how Mayson Drake somehow survived that episode about Resurrection and now she knows about Clark and somehow this results in hawaiian-shirt-guy getting punched in the face! (It could happen!) It is good to be home. :)

I'd like to think that my muse just accidentally got left here in my parents' house and that I'll get to take her back with me. I will pretend that. :)

I miss my cute rats, though. (Oh, and Sheryl and Gira, I miss them too...) I have stumbled upon some ridiculously cute pictures of baby rats which is making me want to breed the cutest of mine, since they have such good temperaments and pedigrees and things. Anybody want rats socialized by trekkies? ;)

Edit: I am just visiting home! I still live in Oregon! You have not missed any major catastrophes.
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