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Fandom Geekiness

Item 1: LOIS & CLARK SEASON THREE OMG. It was my birthday present to meeee. This show got incredibly freaking weird once Lois cut her hair. The crazy psychic lady who lives downstairs from Lois! The aliens and conspiracies and possibly-alien love children! It's like X-Files on happy drugs.

Item 2: I just read the TNG novel "Reunion," and have come to a few important conclusions. One is that Jack Crusher is AWESOME, and the fact that I have had a mad crush on him since I was very small has been validated, despite him still never being ALIVE in anything I've seen or read. Two is that Beverly Crusher's life really is a long series of loss. *clings to her*

Item 3: I am now reading the Enterprise novel "Rosetta." It's hilarious how much Archer is an ass even in print! I love it so. And it's making me wish like crazy that I had seasons 3 and 4 on DVD so that I could watch the whole Xindi craziness again. And that it was still on TV. I miss Enterpriiiiiise!

Item 4: I am attacked by random moments of Sparky squeee. I still haven't seen the season finale of last season, but the relapsing squeee has made me order television at my new place for a few months JUST to be able to watch 'lantis and SG-1.

Item 5: I have been concocting stories in my head for a year or so in a fandom that I think I completely made up. Like, I made up the canon in really broad strokes (I'm not quite sure what this spy-like organization does..., though I got the idea and location from Jolt Central Intelligence games from Brown days) and then I started imagining what kind of crazy fanfics I would write if that canon really existed, and am now writing AU stories for a fandom that doesn't actually exist. *scratches head* This is only important because I spent an hour yesterday trying to turn one of those stories (which I really like) into some sort of familiar fandom so I could show it off, and I totally failed. Original fiction is laaaame! You actually have to write the plot and can't just skip to the AU post-ep good parts! :)
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