Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

hunting season

I'm now officially a multi-shipper.

Fandom: CSI, Original Gangsta Version. Pairings SO FAR -- keep in mind I've only seen half of seasons 1 and 2 to date:

1) Catherine/Grissom. It is like Crusher/Picard, but with more pole-dancing! (He's a socially awkward academic who knows everything about everything, she's a single mom with more than a little snark in her, and they've got a possibly-angsty as-yet-undetermined past...)

2) Sara/Grissom. Geek mating rituals, omg!

3) Sara/Nicky. The cuteness kills me dead in totally unexplained ways!

Ritual stoning may now commence.
Tags: fandom: csi
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