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Remedial Counting Exercises

And on Day Four, Mysterious Baby #13 grows even more mysterious, my camera begins mysteriously draining batteries at an alarming rate, and some other things happen that are considerably less mysterious! Actually, the camera thing is probably due to the totally non-mysterious reason of a bad batch of dollar-store batteries. But we've got one bona fide mystery!

'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy. Lela, during her hour sprung from the slammer that is motherhood, goes to say hello to Porthos. Gira is guessing that Porthos is her baby daddy, because the little ones seem to have darker markings than Ezri's litter, but we won't be able to give truly educated guesses until the kittens get fur. Because rats have a postpartum heat, Lela's visit to the bachelor pad resulted in a long lecture reminding her how much she hated being pregnant last time and that she should really just remember that and keep her girl parts to herself, thankyouverymuch. "I'll see him if I want to!" Lela says, and then wonders why she gets stuck back in the glass condo.

Fool Me Once... In retaliation, Lela plays dead.

Boys, Boys, Boys... Ezri's boys at 3 days old. They're starting to look like little pugs close-up, because their skin is too big for them. The babies are all getting much more active, and slither around pretty quickly when put down. Ezri's litter is still less mobile. I toss around theories about how many they're not getting as much milk or something, but Gira thinks it's because they're Spot's babies, and therefore are lazier. "Told you I got some," Spot comments from his hammock, and goes back to napping.

Missing Person's Report. Now, here's where things get a little unusual. Mysterious Baby #13, which mysteriously showed up yesterday? Gone now. I tore the cage apart; Gira checked my math and compared yesterday's photos to today's. It is a mystery.

I interrupt this diary posting to yell at Lela a lot for chewing a hole in her water bottle in a stubborn huff about me not letting her out of the tank she hates so much. You need that for drinking, Lela! You think I'm ascribing motive beyond the scope of her evolutionary development, but no.

Lela: *scales water bottle, pushes at cagetop that I have weighted down, looks at me*
Me: "No, Lela. Time for bed."
Lela: *pushes more*
Me: *swats top of cage* "Stop it!"
Lela: *chews*
Me: "Lela!" *opens cage, shakes rat, puts rat back on other side of cage* "No!"
Lela: *crawls up water bottle, pushes cage top, when I don't open it, chewing continues*
Me: "Stop it!" *swats cage top* "Lela!"
Lela: *looks at me* *nudges lid* *chews water bottle*

Since it can't hold water now, and I'm feeling morally opposed to running to the 24-hour grocery store on the off-chance of finding one there, I'll come up with something. Perhaps I'll stick her back in with Jadzia, incessant squeaking or no. Or stick a mug of water in there and hope she doesn't find a way to tip it over -- I'm worried a shallower dish will result in babydrowning. Suffice it to say, I hope babies take after Daddy in the attitude department.

Demon Spawn, Two Days Old: Lela's girls. We've started the fun process of naming them, having foregone the idea of a strict theme and naming random rats whenever the inspiration strikes us, which means they will all be named after Star Trek things anyway. Second from the left is Keiko, rightmost baby is Kes. Close-ups below!

They Look So Innocent Lying There, No One Would Think They Carry Evil Genes Within Them: Or, Lela's boys at two days old.

And close-ups! All are from Lela's litter -- we didn't get around to naming anyone from Ezri's litter, because Ezri decided to start bringing her babies back to the nest by the head (Lela, for all her using her children as stepping-stones, tends to carry them squeak-free by the scruff of the neck).

Keiko has a dark hood and a solid black stripe running halfway down her back.

Kes so far has the palest markings of the girls, so we're not quite sure what she'll look like.

Zek is my darling little boy runt from Lela's litter. So cute! Because he is tiny, he needed to be named after a Ferengi, and it only suits that he be named after the Grand Nagus.

Poll #795918 Daily Rat Poll, Day Four!

Ever More Mysterious Baby #13?

I hate to tell you, Little Red, but baby probably died and was eaten by mama.
Further proof that Little Red has been failed by the Canadian primary education system and can't count!
Possesses magical powers that we mere mortals cannot begin to comprehend.
Conceptual, much like the 13th floor of a highrise.

Little Red vs. Lela: Battle Of Wills. Who will emerge victorious?

Little Red. She's technically a higher form of life, and it helps to be able to hold one's enemy in one's hands.
Lela. When you're cute and furry enough, you get pretty much anything you want.
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