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The Rat Baby Diary Giveth, And The Rat Baby Diary Taketh Away.

Mysterious Baby #13 LIVES! Little Red's camera batteries, however, do not. Neither does Little Red's sense of self, because Lela wins the battle of wills, and before 7 AM, no less.

Lela's attempt to chew her way out of Alcatraz continued all through the night. She failed to get past the plastic rim, but dumped a mug full of water all over everything, so she and babies were relocated into Jadzia's cage (aka, the giant monstrosity in my room where the girl rats all normally live). She then proceeded to start chewing those bars, even after I emptied a spray bottle in her face (apparently, she never read that particular "how to train your pet" article. More's the pity).

"She's just filing her teeth down so she doesn't hurt the babies!" Gira insists, and I don't say, "Unless she's filing them into sharp points," because that would be uncalled for.

I left for work with Jadzia cowering in her hammock in fear, but by the time I returned, both Jadzia and Lela seem much happier with the new arrangement. Then Lela sat on my shoulder and licked my earring all cutely lest I stop feeding her or something.

And On The Fifth Day... Mysterious Baby #13 has reappeared! I wish very much to have a snarky and rather implausible explanation, but I am at a loss. Explanations welcome, conspiracy theorists!

One down, three to go! Ezri's boys, 4 days old. We have successfully named... one! Gira named the top one Starjumper after Skywise's wolf in Elfquest. Because we aren't geeky at all, nonono.

I'm Ready For My Closeup...

We're two for two on Lela's girls, name-wise, still. Kes is on the bottom, Keiko is second from the top. And dude, Keiko can really move! She took off at the baby rat equivalent of a run when I pulled her out of the cage today. I need baby rat video camera footage!

No picture of Lela's boys today, I'm afraid. Their overwhelming cuteness ate every last battery in the house, and I am off to costco tomorrow. I'm praying hard that it's cursed batteries and not my camera!

And one more random picture, taken while I was trying to convince the camera to work:

Take Me To Your Leader!

Poll #796819 The Little Red Is Too Tired For The Funny Poll!

Mysterious Baby #13?

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation, Mulder...
Clearly in possession of powers beyond those of mortal rats.
Orchestrating all of this for more rat baby diary airtime.

Should Little Red's camera actually be broken, how should the baby rat diary best be immortalized from here on in?

Interperative dance.
Anthropomorphized as two houses on The Sims, with Mysterious Baby #13 the result of an abduction cheat code.
The Best Fanfic Ever where Pairing Of Your Choice have like ten thousand babies!
Stick figure cartoons with thought bubbles on MS Paint.
Periodic posts about how I don't have a camera, punctuated with lots of asterisks and exclamation points and the word *flail.* (Realism Is For Lovers, baby.)
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