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joy me!

So I was totally going to post a flail-y post from work all "omg I am still sick and I am scared of humans and there is too much work and I want to hide and die for am failure at life!", but then decided to try to manifest some joy instead!

Items of unexpected joy so far include:

Item 1: The developer made the construction general supervisor give me my VERY OWN VOLTAGE DETECTOR! It lights up and makes sounds and looks like a giant pen and EVERYONE IS JEALOUS.

Item 2: a_linz wrote some really cute CSI fic that I read before work for my new shameful pairing of fluff! (Nick/Sara. SHUT UP.) Scroll down to the very bottom for some vignettes of randomness and cute and then join my support group omg.

Item 3: I can print from my work computer now. Real printing! And SCANNING!

Thus far, the militant campaign of gleee has been most successful! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide me with MORE JOY! Comment-spam, comment-ficlets, haiku, pictures of furry animals, random bits of gleee from your own day, mentions of nonsensical things you like...

Please? :)
Tags: fandom: csi, gleee, i rec you!, life: is awesome, life: working girl

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