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Exclamation Points Bring Joy, v. 2.0

So here's what I'm actually thinking: I could use one or more of the following: 1) a less stressful job, 2) better medication, 3) a hole in the head.

However, that is counter-productive! Therefore, NEW PLAN that I will call gleee 2.0: Sister and I have come up with a fantabulous game to keep ourselves positive on our Commute Of Long Assedness, the Five Things I Love About ____ game. Kind of like the "omg, have rage about THIS!" meme that was so big last year, except... the opposite, and in bullet point format.

I'll start!

5 things I love about lifelongfling:
1) She sended me a Grand Valley State University shirt so that I can pretend to have gone to her school!
2) She showed me MICHIGAN and we played in the pet store section of Meier in the middle of the night.
3) She leaves me phone messages addressing me as "psychic twin"!
4) She once let me talk to her for, like, 45 minutes on the phone when I was standing in Michaels' unable to pick out yarn.
5) We both love Over the Rhine! She even changed her lj screen name to be named after a totally kickass song! Shared loff for that band, zomg.

Pleez give me things/people/fandom items/vague concepts to have love for! (You are allowed to vote for yourself.)
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