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Stop Talking About The Dead Zone, Part II.


Now, on the whole, I'm rather terrified of The Dead Zone fandom and have not ventured too far into it. See, I have this feeling that there MUST be lots of brilliant writers and vidders and iconers, because the show demands that, but without a proper sherpa guide, I keep accidentally blinding myself on fanfics written in txtmsgsp33k during The Great Punctuation Shortage and vids made by people who write fanfics in txtmsgsp33k.

But THIS! Dude. butterfly has done her some brilliance right here in aligning The Perfect Song with The Perfect Clips to create The Perfect Feeling of "muh!" (that is the sound made when one is Torn And Somewhat Heartbroken by what is going on on the teevee) that you get when watching this show. I just watched it three times in a row, and SO WILL YOU. Maybe. But you'll watch it at least once, and REALLY LIKE IT.

Tanglewood Tree by butterfly.

Spoiler Warning: Clips seem to stop at "Speak Now," so you're in the clear after that.

And in case you were wondering, Things I Am Procrastinating Right Now: Cleaning rat cages, writing swficathon fic, knitting Mumsey a sekrit birthday sweater, going out to PetCo/WinCo for rat food goodness, GETTING SHOWERED AND DRESSED. Yes, people, it's that sort of day off.
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