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Airfare, omg!

I seem to be getting crazier. (Or, according to the week-long panic attack I've been surfing, I'm developing a tolerance to my brain drug dosage again.)

On the up-side, I'm also more used to it.

And for the practical question: does anyone have a sekrit resource for cheap last minute airline tickets? The flight I was mentally unable to purchase last week for $250 (because I got all freaked out about how I might not be picking the Totally Perfect Flight for totally nonsensical reasons and rocked back and forth in the storage room at work for a while instead...) is now FIVE HUNNERD SMACKERS! Eek!

I am flying home to visit my mother as a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE for her (shhhhh, those of you who work with her), and it is a TOTAL SURPRISE, and it is very exciting, and also muy expensivo to the point of needing to invent Spanish words. (I have learned in the past weekend that my weirdness costs me lots of money a lot, because of my pathological fear of opening mail in a timely fashion of less than five months. I mean, I still pay my bills and all by hitting random buttons on my computer, it's all the special memos that come from insurance companies threatening raised rates if I don't provide them with X and Y that I apparently miss. But I'm going to fix it! The world will not explode! This is why God invented lines of credit! It's just a costly life lesson, but there's no reason to fling myself into the gaping maw of death. See? More crazy feeling, less crazy acting.)
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