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Oh, yeah.

By the way, not dead from that crazeh Pacific Northwest storm system that CNN has been going on about. Relatives called me in a tizzy talking about hurricane-level winds, and I was all "dude, SERIOUSLY!?" But apparently so. We live in the valleys, though, so it was a pretty sissy hurricane down here.

But yeah, it was moderately wild. No power for a few days in this area, though my immediate neighborhood was only out for a day or so. A tree almost fell on my car while I was driving!! That was exciting. Okay, I exaggerate for dramatic effect -- the tree was at the end of the block when it cracked in the wind and fell over, and moderate brake-slamming meant that there was no injury or death -- but it was still in my field of view and all. And it was a big tree. That same night, the light railway went out stranding Gira downtown, so I had to drive there and get her -- no power to the stoplights and crazy rain and PEOPLE'S PATIO FURNITURE AND ROOF SHINGLES AND TREES FLYING ALL OVER THE ROAD. (Shush, Floridians! This is new to me!) Follow-up activities included a freak hailstorm the next day that was like being inside an ice crusher (we neglected to make daquiris, though), and then a power distribution center lighting on fire and everyone who'd just gotten power back on losing it again.

In other news, Spike TV has started a Voyager marathon, All Day Every Day This Week of The Best Episodes Evar. Gira, ever the snarky one, asks, "How can they fill an entire week with 'the best episodes' of that show?" But it's been a kick watching the first season highlights this evening, because they are so CUTE and naive and we get to reminisce about crushes on Chakotay and how I looked up to Janeway (I DIDN'T KNOW YET that she was going to become completely bonkers and turn into a gibbering nutjob locked in her quarters, OKAY!?) and we watched those first season episodes so often we 1) wore down the tapes and 2) without having seen them since, can still quote most of season 1 verbatim. Enough for me to go "HEY! You cut out that line where Seska tells her she should have broken more than his nose! YOU SYNDICATED BASTARDS!"

I love early-season idealistic Voyager. LOVE EET. Love Tom as The Bad Influence and B'Elanna as the troubled teen misfit who wants Janeway's approval and Kes all fresh off the farm and Harry, like, having something to do. As always, y'all should rec or write me fic from that era of feet-finding cuteness! :)
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