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The experts have spoken. I am not crazy and I do not have an eating disorder. Apparently, (who knew? *raises eyebrow of feigned disbelief*) weight loss is a side effect of prolonged illness, *especially* prolonged illness for which one of the symptoms is lack of appetite!

*gasps all around*

This bit of brilliance has been brought to you, after two long weeks of deliberation, by the Psychological Services and Health Services of Brown University.

Despite the decidedly non-expert opinion of those three skeevy guys in the townie bar I was at a few nights ago who think "skinny girls are hot" losing weight creeps me (and doctors who are not fooled by me wearing winter boots and sweaters on scales -- "Boston Public," you lie!) out and I should probably work myself up into a nutritional frenzy for awhile. Or, at least, a frenzy in which I desire to eat more than crackers, soup and juice.

Maybe if I tell my family that they can lay off about the fact that I'm "going blonde." (Not in a metaphorical airhead way, but in a let's-drag-out-pictures-to-show-FOR-REAL-how-much-your-hair-colour-has-changed way) Seriously, *every* family member I saw last week was like "are you highlighting your hair now?" My mother actually rationalized that the peroxide I used on the tips in the summer "traveled up" the rest of my hair which, as I understand it, is sort of impossible. But food will distract them from this. I swear, if I go home and say "Dad, feed me!" it will be the Best Christmas Present Ever. I love easy parents to shop for ;).

*love!* and excessive information about the Life of Little Red

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