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things that are awesome:

1) princess_philo posted this ridiculously awesome cabled knit handbag pattern that I plan to rip off, like, as soon as I can get myself to a craft store and buy some handles. So kewt!!

2) A little gold link chain fell off one of our display easels and I have been playing with it nonstop for two days, and it is still amusing me. Eventually it will become a handle for a fancy dress handbag, I think, but for now, I am a science experiment to one of my coworkers, who has no idea how a child, let alone an adult, could be amused by a bit of metal string for hours on end.

3) JAKE 2.0. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I love this show so hard! Jake/Diane/nanites OTP FOREVAR!!! :) *deep breath* I squeed myself into asphyxia last night over the Jake 2.0 minimarathon on scifi, I swear. That episode with the friend's wedding in Seattle? Has 'shippiness that rivals Lois & Clark, I swear. FANDOM MUST NOW COMMENCE.

Things that are not awesome, FYI: Scary realtors calling and freaking out at me over the phone. WTF, people, with your entitlement issues. *freaks out with fear* I am sending whammy vibes at this woman that she decides not to bring her clients by later as threatened.
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