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*sparkly gleee party!!*



My dad got *so* fed up with his sparkly new powerbook over the past few months that he is going to give it to me!

He claims this is only logical, since my poor little third-hand ebay WallStreet with no timing manager that always thinks it's 1908 is really really ready to go rock on the porch with the other retired computers and play golf all day. I was going to have to buy an ibook right away. And he, apparently, has only been using his powerbook to check his email once a day, because he hates everything about it and is royally mad at himself for buying it, or something. DadQuote: "It's like driving a Mazerati to pick up the kids from soccer."

And, more quote, "You have a computer-geek roommate who can explain all this stuff to you so when I finally bite the OSX bullet you can explain it to me." keenween, you seriously impressed him. DadQuote: "Any discussion involving the term 'open-source architecture' makes me panic."

Redux: I AM GETTING SPARKLY NEW COMPUTER!! I will no longer have to beg and pray every time I click the power button! I will no longer keep getting messages that my hard drive is full or that my internet won't work or that my computer is having an identity crisis because it thinks it's 1908!

Bouncing. So. Much. Cannot. Contain. GLEEE.

redbeard? This means I will finally speak OSX like the rest of the civilized macworld.

I'm going to have to name it something appropriately sparkly.

This doesn't really belong here, but as far as that colour-meme goes, I am blue.


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

Sounds about right... although I wish the colour itself were red :)

-- Little Red, who can't stop squeaking with sparkly computer gleee

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