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yet another vote for vinyl

OMG, don't compliment strangers on their leather jackets, no matter how spiffy they look, because they might start telling you very excitedly all about how calves and lambs and things have BETTER SKIN for coats. Ack! LAAAMBS!

Life headlines:

1) I finally broke down and bought Sims 2 for the mac, and it has been just as detrimental to my life and sleeping habits as you would expect. I created a Jake 2.0 house, and it's totally RAD, lemme tell you. Kyle and Sarah are diligently slutting their way through, erm, each other and everyone else in range, Diane keeps blowing off her scientific career to trail after Jake, and Lou is smarter and stronger than everyone else. Poifect! (Should I assume that, as a general rule, any fanfic ideas inspired by actions of my sims will be really bad ideas?)

2) I am to get my wisdom teeth yanked next week, so Plan B -- scooping them out myself with a sharp fork -- has been put on hold. I have to use general anesthesia (TUBES DOWN MY THROAT WTF EEEEK I AM SO AFEARED), or else have multiple surgeries (in which case my office might implode in a Hellfire Of Inaccurate Spreadsheets, so not an option). Doctor claims that because I'm allergic to anti-inflammatories, my recovery will -- and I quote! -- "suck." Are doctors allowed to say that? The surgeon is a woman, though, so my fear of waking up pregnated has been assuaged. (I watch too many movies on Lifetime. I have to stop doing that.)

3) I slept last night for the first time in more than a year without trazodone, and now feel like I've fallen into a parallel dimension, where everything is the same except the color contrast has been turned up a little higher.
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