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Okay, so, this was not supposed to be this bad.

The surgery was fine, I'm still alive, yay. However, the pain keeps getting WORSE AND WORSE, contrary to promises, and although my coworker promised it was Teh Awesome In An Addictive Way, Percoset doesn't really do anything.

I FINALLY figure out a way to stop puking it up every damned time, and now it just... DOESN'T WORK. I need, liek, a shot of morphine. I'm taking the max allowed on the label (I've burned through a whole bottle and now have NONE left) I can't sleep more than an hour ANYWAY.

I was totally chill about being in, liek, ridiculous dramatic adjectives of pain, because I was talking myself down about how I must be a TOTAL PANSY because EVERYONE ELSE got over it JUST FINE, but my fever hasn't gone down and I am in lots of pain and am now unable to stop being HYSTERICAL because the freaking doctor's office is CLOSED ON MONDAYS AND THEY HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY CALL (okay, it's exactly 9 am, but I've literally been waiting since FRIDAY NIGHT to call them, so the fact that they're closed on Monday is... well... hysteria-making, because they swear on their material they won't refill prescriptions on the WEEKEND, and who the hell thinks the weekend is gonna include Monday? And my mouth tastes like rotten food, which is really disgusting, and yes, I have been brushing and rinsing and all that.)

Now I need to grovel (via email, since I can't really talk) to work and hire a temp to cover the next few days and pray they don't fire me.

Anyway, it's either crazy infected or I'm a pansy. EITHER WAY, I'd like a 2 x 4 to the head, plz. OR MY MOMMY.

No need to reply to my hysterical whining because I haven't had the brainsense to check email much anyway.

Ehm, in happy news, 4 eps of Jake 2.0 on Friday were awesome. Yay? *puts on Star Trek*
Tags: wisdom teeth of doom

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