Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

would you like a little reheated mashed potatoes with your whine?

I know, I know, enough already with the whining and the carrying-on, so I can only suggest filtering me until sister gets back from work or I figure out a way to GNAW OFF MY OWN JAW (quite the conundrum!), one or the other.

Anywayz, yesterday, I go to my second emergency session at the doc's, and she's all *concerned face* and "OMG INFECTIONNN" and, well, infections are really gross. Apparently, infection also means that I can no longer use ice to help manage pain, and because my liver's getting all jacked up, I have to reduce my pain meds, which leads to a lot of OH MY GOD PAIN AND WHINING, etc.

Question for doctor-folk: I'm on a new antibiotic now called clindamycin which says not to lie down for half an hour after taking it. Why? Mumsey suggests it might burn a hole in my throat or something if it gets stuck there.

Question for hippie-folk: What sort of pressure points should I be hitting for tooth/mouth/jaw pain? The bodywork training feels very far away right now.

In my vicodin-induced haze yesterday waiting in the pharmacy shopping center (also holding a used DVD store) I apparently bought Sex and the City. The hell? *commands televised wenches to distract me*
Tags: wisdom teeth of doom

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