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"Sad Saturday" Randomness

My first-grade best friend once told me that the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is called "Sad Saturday." I can only hope that this is not actually true.

My parents and I went to the movies tonight, and saw "Good Bye Lenin!". I really liked it -- sweet, but too quirky to actually be all-out sappy. A very... unique way of looking at the reunification of Germany and the Wall and all that jazz. And I loved the music. And it was beautifully shot. So, yes, it was nice, see it if you can, don't hate me if it's not your thing, the usual :)

We also ran into my high school French teacher (who we uniquely called "Madame") and had a rather... less than stellar encounter. Suffice it to say the rumour may soon circulate around my very small town that I've suffered some sort of blunt head trauma (which, I suppose, wouldn't be an unfair assessment after only a few minutes of stunted conversation).

In other news, it occurs to me that I should run out and stockpile Cadbury eggs, because when I go back on sugar I will be sorely miffed that I missed out on commercial Eastery goodness.

Am still very much in love with my sparkly new laptop. In a move that will either make you giggle, make you confused, or make you weep for my soul depending on who you are on my friends list, besyd and I (geekily, as is our way) have conspired to name the powerbook after Thor. From Stargate. He's little, grey and powerful! AND my favourite! It all makes sense, so shut up.

And lifelongfling? I still suck. Sorry!

Happy Holidays to all who are having them!

-- Little Red, who unearthed the complete text of the King James Bible, among other things, on her hard-drive while preparing to transfer files today.

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