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more doom, and The Joy Of Trek

The wisdom teeth saga continues! ZOMG. Passed out at work today from ze pain -- liek, full-on face-on-floor passing out -- and sister had to come and rescue me. And so I go back to the dentist all omgwtf, I was totally getting better, and she sticks tweezers in my mouth and grabs BONES, and is all "er... I have never seen anyone heal as slowly as you. No, really, not ever." She has no clue why, which makes me feel rather defective. Anyway, they gave me another buck-up-little-soldier speech and took x-rays to prove that my jaw is indeed human, or something.

AND I don't even get any more vicodin, because apparently HAVING A LIVER is more important than remaining conscious, WHATEV, MAKE IT STOP, PLZ. I mean, I'm all for not ingesting lots of addictive chemicals, but I'm also all for being able to stick it out at work all day.

Let us talk about something FUNNER, like how Voyager season 3 is currently airing on your friendly Spike network, and it is the best thing evarr. Everyone is HAPPY and there is such limited angst and Janeway and Chakotay are totally dating. They are! They, like, go sailing on the holodeck and go to crew parties together! It's like the season of everyone hanging out and being a happy stranded family.

The series seems very different to me now, though, and not just because I find myself holding my breath and waiting to see where it All Went Wrong (i.e., when Janeway started going bonkers and Chakotay got bored and Harry Kim started reading a really good book and never did anything interesting ever again, etc). For example, Tuvok is suddenly my favorite character, and I was bored by him as a teenager. I pay a lot more attention to Vulcans since Enterprise. Don't you just feel awful for Tuvok, though? Stuck on the ship of fools with the only other Vulcan (Vorik) being kind of a childish weenie, and everybody else making fun of him all the damned time and telling him to loosen up?

After watching "Unity" -- a much better episode than I remember -- sister and I pulled out the DVDs and watched "The Best of Both Worlds" again, since Wolf 359 was mentioned in the Voyager episode, and it would have been so. cool. if Admiral Hansen had been one of the ex-Borg. That episode has lingering power, because we both yelped "I'M SCARED!" as soon as the first few notes of the episode soundtrack started to play. Good. Episode. (I have always loved Shelby, by the way.)

It made us start thinking about how Wolf 359 is totally The Pivotal Moment that changes the Federation from what it was -- idealistic, friendly and complacent -- into what it became headed toward the Maquis, the Dominion War, blah blah blah Federation version of 9/11-cakes. However, because it is SUCH an important moment all across the Federation that keeps being brought up, I started wondering -- where was everyone? We know where the Enterprise crew was, and Sisko, but... where was Dax, for instance? She would still have been Curzon, right? Where was Janeway? Chakotay would still have been in Starfleet. Harry Kim -- who is about Wesley Crusher's age, I think -- would have been about to enter the Academy.

I'm sure a million other people -- probably lots of ficwriters -- have thought of this before, but I find it cool how the timelines of the different series interact.

Discuss things about Star Trek with me, pleez, so I do not feel all alone in my geekiness!
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