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Star Trek: Lifetime, Television For Women

Has anyone ever noticed that the whole plot between Janeway and Seven of Nine is very The Face On The Milk Carton?

We just watched "The Gift" -- faboo, by the way, though I WAIL A LOT AT THE END IN DESPAIR -- and really! Seven of Nine is kidnapped by the Borg as a wee girl. She is raised by the Borg. She thinks she is Borg. She is HAPPY WITH THE BORG. Then Janeway comes along and goes "YOU ARE HUMAN!" although, really, she hasn't been human since before she can remember, and I just see a lifetime movie here if you replace "Human" with "Family A" and "Borg" with "Family B."

Was Janeway in the moral right by rescuing Seven from the Borg and keeping her on Voyager against her will?

Yes. She's human, it's her birthright, and in case you haven't been paying attention, THE BORG ARE EVIL.
No! She's violating the rights of another sentient being and is therefore NO BETTER THAN THE EVIL BORG.
It's complicated, because Seven would have died otherwise. Janeway totally wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been a cake-or-death situation.
Janeway was clinically insane by this point anyway, so she cannot be held responsiblefor her actions.
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