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work is weird! non-work is joy!

Things that are great!

1) People did my meme! I now feel that I have value as a human.

2) I have started knitting Starsky from There are MANY joyous things about this. First of all, I am using yarn from a past aborted sweater project, so yay, it's like free! And I can feel speshul because the pattern is rated D for Death "extraspicy," but I still get to avoid all the major knitting hangups I have (read: colorwork, weirdo textured yarn, sweater-knitting without a pattern). The last few (okay, more than few) sweater projects of mind died on the needles because I was DETERMINED to knit without a pattern, so I'm hoping the warmfuzziness of being told what to do again will keep me engaged until I actually finish it!

3) My wisdom teeth of doom are actually starting to heal! I am no longer a freak of medical science! I am still told to Expect Pain for a good long while, but WHATEV, not-a-freak-of-medical-science-yay.
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