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[gratuitous mood theme post]

taraljc made a Jake 2.0 moodtheme! And is letting me use it! AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING.

(aj? I haven't forgotten your Jake fic request. It started getting plot-ish and out of hand, so I think I may scrap it and just give you the usual plotless fluff to which you have become accustomed, rather than making you wait ten years.)

As for the rest of you -- did you download the episodes ficgate put up and BECOME ADDICTED yet?

Things I am not currently doing, but really should be:

1) clean kitchen! (1 day late)
2) clean boyrat cages! (3 days late)
3) GET FINGERPRINTED for the damned background check ALREADY (3 months late) OMG FINALLY!
4) change address at the DMV! (7 months late) apparently, one must actually have an Oregon Driver's License to do this, so change #4 to -- get Oregon Driver's License (1 year late)
5) check oil in Shuttlepod One! (not yet late, actually)
6) study more real estate school! (gaining on late)
7) call parents! (just a generally nice thing to do, considering they have left me five unheard voicemails...) yah, easier said than done since they apparently changed their home phone number...
8) do laundry! (beneficial, if I want to wear clothes to work tomorrow)
9) take suits to drycleaners! (months late. yes, months. I'm walking around with febreze layered on an inch thick.)
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