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insert favorite song lyrics about road trips and California

I'm goin' to Caaaalifornia for Pi DAYYYYY reunion of geeky joy!! Don't ask me why a 10.5 hr drive each way on unfamiliar roads seems so much easier than figuring out the San Francisco area airport shuttle, but it totally does! Plus it's cheaper, which is what I tell people who are not crazy.

This trip will be highly educational! I have never been to California before, see. I have also never road tripped with my new car (Shuttlepod One!). I am already learning things, actually:

1) Did you know there's a snowy mountain pass between Oregon and California? Yes? Well, I totally didn't until last night! (I missed this memo because it was never featured on Star Trek, surely.) My reaction to the news was to go "Oh, heeeell no. If it's snowing I'm not braving the pass." And my coworker was all "Why, dude? It's totally just a snowy mountain pass!" and I'm all "People have DIED and STARVED in snowy mountain passes since our great nation was born, fool! Did you not play Oregon Trail, or what!?"

2) I am now the proud owner of Baby's First Tire Chains! This is related to item #1.

3) The precise midpoint between Portland and San Fransisco is a town called Weed, famous for... being the precise midpoint between Portland and San Fransisco. And having a Holiday Inn.

I was hoping to duck out of work early to avoid rush hour and get on the road... but my coworkers are all stuck in the airport in Seattle or something. OH WELL! I guess rainy rush hour traffic IT IS!

Also, this is planned to be a pretty direct trip, but with ALL my highway traveling I have STILL never seen the world's largest ball of string, so if that is advertised along the way, I will have to stop. I trust my fellow Pi-Day-ers would understand.
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