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California is really dark.

Yes, it is! That is all I can tell you about it so far. Also, there are like eight cars total traveling on the I-5 south tonight, which contributes to the total darkness. I am wholly looking forward to tomorrow, where California will have added attractions like DAYLIGHT and the legal right to pump my own gas!

Other interesting factoids learned:

1) Linn County, Oregon is the grass seed capitol of the WORLD. Really. A big sign said so. It also has sheep FOR DAYS, as far as the eye can see. There were little baby lambykins SO SMALL that I thought they were bunnies as I drove past. Can I be a shepherdess now, please?

2) Snowy mountain passes are only snowy if it is actually snowing. Which it wasn't! So the roads were clear, but there were ominous looking drifts on the sides lest I forget all those who starved and died in educational computer games about American history.

3) There is a town called Drain, Oregon. REALLY. And it has really very little to show for itself. (It is next to a town called Curtain. Okay, it's actually spelled Curtin, but it's still funny.)

4) There's not one, not two, but a chain of 24-hour Adult Stores along the I-5. Most of them seem to be shacks with boarded-up windows and an inviting flickering-neon "OPEN 24 HR" sign. The weirdest part is that the shacks seem to match each other, the way Wal-Marts do, like they were all designed by the same architect. Who designs a boarded-up shack?

5) EVERYONE IN REDDING CALIFORNIA WAS BORN IN A BARN. Okay, not really. (And no dis on being born in a barn, as mi beloved sister was born in a converted chicken coop.) But there's a story here! I was going to stop in Weed, the Precise Midway Point Between Portland And San Francisco, but I missed the turnoff, and there's a Hampton Inn in Redding! It's kind of Motel-6-ish for a Hampton Inn, though, and there's a CONVENTION of freaky young men downstairs. I was silently followed by eighteen pairs of eyes from my car... to the desk... back to my car... to the elevator... like, real OBVIOUS staring of the sort where they moved closer in order to stare a little better. Did you people just get out of prison or something!? STOP. IT.

Wheee! So much closer to Pi!

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