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"Peace be with you, man."

I'm kind of full of love at the moment. Lovely spring sun just burst through Portland clouds, and it's making me all gleeeful about everything. Tammy asked me to knit her fingerless mitts! I have a cold but I am supah awesome and am AT WORK anyway which means I am as a real live healthy immuneful person! My job is so great because I get to say all kinds of official words and get to FAX THINGS! (Someday, the fax machine might lose its novelty. However, I still sort of consider it a mini-transporter, and I feel very grown-up and futuristic whenever I'm allowed to touch it. Which is every day, because it's a big part of my job, so I feel grown-up and futuristic a lot.)

I've been reading the latest Elle magazine and have all these Deep Thinking Thoughts about fashion style and eating disorders and sexual assault and how these things are all related (and not just in the sense of their being in the same sentence), but I have not yet told you about CALIFORNIA, and that is more important!

Three Important Facts You May Not Know About California:

1) Did you know that Old Faithful is actually in a podunk town in California? No? Well IT IS! (No need to sue your education system, FYI, there is also one in Yellowstone Park, and there's probably more tourism stuff there than a shack at the side of the road. But that one wasn't cool enough to snag the domain name, apparently.)

2) CA-29 is like mogul skiing WITH YOUR CAR! Do not bring passengers on this road without dramamine. I STRONGLY nominate this as the next location for the Gravity Games, for ultimate X-treme street luge, omg.

3) In California, people really do sell tie-dye out of the back of their trucks and stop you on the street to say things like "peace be with you, man." Really.

Happy Pi Day to all!
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