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Fever Dreams FTW!

Last night I dreamed a crossover between Star Trek: Voyager and Baby Sitter's Little Sister.

Okay, possibly not quite that, but some crazy alien had a wacky holodeck-in-your-brain type technology and had programmed up a classroom and wiped B'Elanna's memory so she thought she was six and in a new school instead of KIDNAPPED BY ALIENZ, and because it was IN YOUR BRAIN holodeck technology the alien could change your appearance to look six, too, and Janeway and Chakotay had to find a way to hack into the program without being detected, and it was all in all kind of rad.

But disturbing, when you think about aliens kidnapping passing people and turning them into children. :-/ This dream was TOTALLY safe for all audiences, I SWEAR.

If I ever write this fanfic, I'm not telling anyone.
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