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1) Star Trek: Voyager, season 6! After the season premiere OF HOLY RAGE, it has been an entire season of gleee! I don't get it. Happy pills in the replicators? Don't know! Don't care! Photonic fleas! Am happy!

2) OMG, angel_grace sent me Jake 2.0 DVDs!!! OMG! WITH COVERS! OMG. I have been waiting for this moment for yeeeeeears. Jake 2.0 for my very own forever omg yay! This gleee is shared with the rest of my household, because now we can delete the series off our DVR and start recording Golden Girls again.

3) Good things are happening to my friends. This pleases me.

4) I spent my afternoon averting disaster with difficult buyers and charmed them to death, by alternating my "hee hee! I am a harmless secretary!" voice with my "MWAHAHA, revel in all the things I know about COMMON AIR SHAFTS and DAMPERS and FEATHERING CONCRETE!" Yes, there was rocking, and I think it's all due to this cat macro that is my computer background. (My job? Deals a lot with buyer walk-through inspections. A LOT. Every day, someone says this to me. Well, pretty much.)

5) I have a sekrit nefarious fandom plan that is SEKRIT and NEFARIOUS and making me very happy. But I can't implement it until I finish real estate school. The joy, however, continues.

6) Did I mention that Voyager is full of silly Happy Voyager-ish joy lately? Because it totally is!

Too tired to watch new 'lantis! Save for weekend, yay.
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