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*facepalm* to end all *facepalms*

I should not be allowed to use technology. AT ALL.

So I just read lifelongfling's TOTALLY ERRONEOUS livejournal in which she claims she sucks. I objected with something clever along the lines of "YOU DO NOT SUCK!!1!!" and she responded with something along the lines of "YES I DO!"

My brilliant plan of cleverness was to *phone* her, yell "YOU DO NOT SUCK!" when she picked up the phone and hang up.

She is in my phone as "Amanda S Cell". I, instead, called "Amanda Cell"

Amanda Cell is Amanda H., Kappa naught. VERY MUCH someone else.

Who happens to sound exactly the same as lifelongfling on her voicemail message.

I left a CRACKED OUT message on Amanda H's cell phone, in the manner of "This is Little Red and I had this MAGNIFICENT PLAN of you picking up the phone and me yelling 'YOU DO NOT SUCK!' after what I read on your livejournal but you didn't pick up! But you still don't suck! You're awesome! And stuff! K bye."

And then I had to call her back and leave *another* message explaining that she is the wrong Amanda and that I fell victim to the dangers of speed-dial and am THE BIGGEST MORON EVER.

And then I called lifelongfling and promptly got cut off.

This would seriously make me feel like *less* of an ass if it was ANYONE ELSE on my phone list, for lots of 'history' reasons that a few people on here will get. Beyond that, I haven't talked to her in person in well over a year. I hope she laughs, at least.

*smacks self in the forehead many many times*

It's because the Brown Post Office killed me. I swear.

-- Little Red, who really *does* suck

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