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Little Red's Real Estate Dating Pool Update

HEE. HEE. A buyer's agent on a recently closed transaction just sent a card to my office asking me if I'm "free and available."

He's probably in his mid-thirties, but I think I'm going to have to take him up on it because he sent me a card that you could totally buy at Kripalu and there were gooberish smiley faces used as punctuation and his business card says Zen and the Art of Real Estate.

Zen! and the art! of Real Estate! Throw in some Star Trek and some rats and you've got my life, dudes.

HEE! I'm totally amused to be propositioned through the MAIL. This could be fun! Zen real estate dude is really nice. OH, IF ONLY I WASN'T A COMPLETE MENTAL CASE ABOUT MEN.


(A fun surprise on a day otherwise populated by nonstop jackassery, omg.)
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