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I totally FORGOT with all the running around thinking I suck, but today? I got fingerprinted BY DIXON HILL.

No, for serious! Above this crazy Greek restaurant with a GIANT PURPLE OCTOPUS on the awning, you have to go up about twelve different rickety flights of stairs into this building that had to be designed in the twenties, and amid all the eerie empty hallways and storage is this random PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. It says so on the window in the door! Like Dixon Hill! In this wooden office with a rickety ceiling fan in this old building and all that was missing was a picture of President Truman, I swear.

He does fingerprints as well, to supplement the private detective business, I guess. He is a criminal forensics private detective who looks at crime scenes and stuff, not the sort who follows cheating spouses around. He's also got a nifty fingerprinting machine that does not require ink!


Other MORE IMPORTANT news: I found The BibleMan Adventures on the DVR, available for series recording. OH YES. I will be keeping you posted.
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