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the letter of the law...

An appraiser calls me on the phone:

appraiser: "Hey, do you need appointments for appraisals?"
me: "Yes, we need to set up all appointments in advance."
appraiser: "Oh, well if you need advance notice, I'd like to set up an appointment for ten minutes from now."
me: "..."

Also, if you ever wondered why I'm so incredibly weird (and the "formative childhood years spent in a pseudo-cult" wasn't a good enough reason), this is what my dad was doing for a living when I was an impressionable preschooler. It's probably not clear from the video clips, so I'll explain: he used to write and tour these shows that were part classical piano concerts and part stand-up comedy -- sort of the poor man's Canadian Victor Borge. I think this was just after the phase of the existentialist performance-art videos, and just before the aforementioned pseudo-cult. I love my family. Nobody's family is as cool as mine. I'm the black sheep because I have a 9-5 job with benefits and wear nylons. :)

For the record -- I've been MIA from the intarweb for a lot of reasons (work = insane, sister = having a nervous breakdown, boyfriend = twice my age yet totally awesome, world of warcraft = downloaded). Please to comment if anything of magnitude has occurred in the past week or two!
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