January 12th, 2004

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some days the world gets you

This was supposed to be a recounting of the wonderful gleeeful time had at gc. Instead we have this.

According to the angry "helpful" phone call from the dean's office, I am to be subject to dismissal at this week's committee on academic standing meeting.

At least one person out there, probably not one affiliated with Brown, is asking "So? You're leaving anyway to make money and write a trashy romance novel (these are, of course, perhaps not entirely related endeavours."

Well, yeah. But I made that choice largely because I *didn't* want to be forced out. Whether or not circumstances and future decisions have me coming back to complete my degree or not, I want to have that choice.

This is so unbelievably unfair, on the level of which this university has been unfair to Betsy. I am currently subject to dismissal because my internal transcript shows that have nineteen credits after my sixth semester -- clearly, grounds for dismissal. Except when you take into account that that's not true, which no one seems to want to take into account. Behold:

1) Our Old Friend, my Russian professor deBenedette, is quite possibly being vindictive and attempting to take me down with the rest of that hellbound department. I completed my last Incomplete for her seven months ago. Me and my academic dean have sent her a whole handful of periodic emails, along with phone calls and personal visits to her office, all but BEGGING her to fire off the damned email to let the registrar know that I passed rather than failed, as it says now, and to give me the damned credit.

2) Sedivy, my Semantics professor screwed up, and neglected to turn in the paperwork for my Incomplete that I filed with her a month and a half ago. I doubt she has nefarious reasons for it, but it's still screwing me over, because the deans have been chasing her to turn in *some* sort of grade about me (currently the grade is on my transcript as "missing") and she has been ignoring the hell out of them as well as me.

3) Dean Klawunn, my academic dean, apparently neglected to file the appropriate paperwork THAT I FILLED OUT WITH HER LAST MONTH about how I am actually IN GOOD STANDING because I will complete my Incompletes (which are supposed to count as provisional credits anyway in terms of the academic standing committee -- oh, except apparently that's not true anymore) and they should LET ME GO ON FUCKING LEAVE RATHER THAN DISMISS ME.

So I talked to the dean who called me (Dean Foster, for you brunonians), explained the extenuating circumstances, and she basically got mad at me for all this crap that is so totally not my fault. So I'm like "what do I do now?" and she's like "well, I'll talk to Dean Klawunn to confirm your story" like I'm outright LYING -- and oh, just in case, why doesn't she tell me what will happen once I'm dismissed???? Oh, but she hopes I get well soon and do "great things" if I'm allowed to eventually return to Brown. Isn't that nice. And if I'm *not* dismissed but am not in good standing then I can't go on leave at all. And *then* when I just don't show up next semester I'm in trouble. Or get dismissed again, some more. Or something. The hell?

This fucking sucks. I'm not the one who screwed up here. Yes, I was ill to all hell. Yes, because I am not brilliant or supernatural, I did not manage to complete my classes on time because of it. I'm sorry that I'm too weak for you. But, beyond that, you can suck me, because this isn't my fault and I flat out refuse to burn for it.

So, I stay here for a few days and sort this out and get yelled at by my temp job... meh meh meh. And I'm not handling this as... calmly... as perhaps I should, because I still feel like ass (hey -- SOMETIMES I don't feel like ass! I swear!). But anyway. Anger. And rage.

-- Little Red, who feels Betsy's pain, boy, does she.
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