January 20th, 2004

sga - sparktober

badlands updated

Posted one new Stargate fic (Sam/Jack UST, post-ep for "Foothold") on ...out of the badlands. It was the result of fever and Monday Night non-Drinking Stargate (for the non-Drinking part, refer to the fever part).

So it's all kinds of random... but... Amanda likes it!

This is the part where I tell all my St. A friends not to make fun of me. Especially keenween. Stop or I'll hit you with a pillow.

In other news, chest colds suck. The end.

*love!* to all...

oh, and to coy_mistress's grand quiz link, I'm apparently Marilyn. Don't think it's at all true... but I'm flattered :).

You are Marilyn Monroe. You're a sexy bombshell who
knows how to get what she wants, but sometimes
people underestimate you or misread you and
you're seen for one thing instead of all that
you are. You can actually be very shy and hard
on yourself, and feel that sexiness is all you
have to offer to people. You will have your
success but be careful that you don't let
anything consume you completely. Feel better
about how smart you are.

Which vintage movie star are you most like?(For girls)
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