February 8th, 2004

sga - sparktober

evil coffee tastes better

James Bond ("From Russia With Love" and "Octopussy" -- we didn't quite get to "Die Another Day") and friends and exhaustion-induced hilarity. Yay. And La-la! What a nice day.

I'm going to operate under the assumption that staying up late and Doing Things is not going to kill me. The power of positive thinking at work.

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    "All Time High" (from Octopussy)
sga - sparktober

oh, *all* pissed off

OR, the prescription medication could make me really sick. Charming.

I also just realized that I'll still be on them come Friday, which means no drinking at my Last Big Semester Party Ever. Which *blows* because I am throwing it, and damn if I didn't *seriously* need the edge taken off last term. Of course, this time I seem to be just "throwing" it and have no doubt forgotten eighteen different necessary things that will result in us having no party. And I really do care about that... at least, on a theoretical level. This year I haven't even been able to ass myself to *check* the state of the library to see if it can be used as a bar-back, let alone actually clean it up.

I can only think how much worse this would all be if I *was* in school, because right now my semester of "let's leave school so there will be no sickness and everything will be FINE" is shaping up really shoddily.

It will be a miracle of Biblical proportions if I make it to meeting tonight. Lamest. Social chair. EVER.

-- Little Red, who currently hates and is hated by the word in equal measure.
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