February 10th, 2004

sga - sparktober

the mind boggles

Just got a call about my blood test (*woke me up* at 5:30 pm). Among other, lesser things of note...


Two years later, I STILL HAVE MONO. All these "mini-mono of death"s over the years have apparently been because I NEVER GOT OVER MONO THE FIRST TIME.

Seriously. I cracked the heck up because otherwise I would be sobbing.

keenween: Your life is a cosmic joke.
mylittleredgirl: Is this the part where I get dragged out back and shot?

In one way, it's a relief, because if it's in my blood it means it's not in my head and this isn't some sort of psychological "you-can't-seem-to-deal-with-the-world-maybe-you-need-therapy" sort of sickness. And it's not all that surprising that Brown Health Services dropped the ball on this one the other three times I was laid up for over a month at a clip with this because, well, they're inclined to think things are all in students' heads. In pretty much every other way... I STILL HAVE MONO AFTER TWO YEARS. Seriously, what the hell? I'm not going to ALWAYS be the Goddess of Mono/Incredible Sleeping Redhead, am I!?

-- Little Red, who feels entitled to rage at the galactic unfairness of it all.
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