February 20th, 2004

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directions of travel.

I've been tired and lazy about updating my lj this week (along with lazy about attending rush events -- sorry guys!). But I feel the need to credit the world with how it has been nice to me lately:

"essence." I love everyone who made throwing a campus-wide party while under the yoke of the marathon mono of doom not blow up in my face, which includes pretty much every single kappa and one boiledokra. I may also have discovered the Secret of Management, which seems to involve lists and emails and a lot of shameless begging, because people have been giving me credit for this right and left when I really mostly just told other people what to do.

And, *oh my freaking god,* my fanfic got rec'd somewhere!!! Look! Look! I found this in the middle of the night when I was feeling awful and actually had to bite my hand to keep from squealing loudly enough to wake up keenween next door. I... I... is it bad that I feel like a worthy person now?

On top of that I have received ridiculously wonderful ego-boosting feedback lately. Most dramatically from nenya_kanadka, but from all over the place. It is *so nice* to be good at something with all the mono-derived stuff that has gone and is going on.

Oh, and Collapse ) I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Perhaps the universe is starting to feel bad about the whole cosmic practical joke mono thing. Ne znayu. Regardless, not complaining.

About the mono, I'm going to my mother's for the weekend, where she has apparently arranged for me to get some sort of new age healing session deal called QXTC or CT or something including those letters in some undetermined order. "The hell?" you (and I -- although probably more you than me because I'm used to these sorts of things coming from my family) ask.

Mumsey: Well, this lady's going to hook you up all over to this machine that can tell all these things about you. It's very Star-Trek-y.
Little Red: And... these things will tell me how to de-mono myself?
Mumsey: She thinks so. It told her that my seratonin levels were way off. Then she'll use the machine to zap things that are out of whack.
Little Red: Zap me?
Mumsey: It feels really neat. Kind of like bubbles. Oh! You also have to bring all the medications you're taking, so she can sense their energies.

In other news, my dad offered to fly me to St. Croix to visit him because he thinks the weather will make me better. Dude, St. Croix! But the cons are big -- wanking out on fraternity stuff is the biggest, but I'm also wary of traveling right now. I mean, more than my usual desire to stay on Earth or in the water and avoid contraptions like "planes." The last time I flew in an airplane or went anywhere I hadn't been before was two years ago -- incidentally, when I was first coming down with the marathon mono of evil -- and traveling while feeling like death suuuuucked and probably laid me out even more. Things to think about.

For now, as far as bodymindspirit goes, I feel *good* emotionally... and hopefully, post-zapping, I will return to Rhode Island feeling good physically and with more than three overworked brain cells at my disposal. And with another part of "Second Chances" to get her out of lifelongfling's dog house.

Apologies for the long and disjointed post -- *love* to all

-- Little Red, who wishes going to Massachusetts didn't involve driving. And packing. And getting out of bed.
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