February 26th, 2004

sga - sparktober

"last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair..."

theifed from... everyone... but this version's from aj

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In travel news, I will make it back to RI *tomorrow.* This bites. I wanted to go today, but the fact that I nearly killed myself driving to *Pittsfield* and that I needed a nap to complete this online quiz made me suspect this is a bad idea.

And public lauding: I love saidshe and pirateelmo for taking over the wineandcheesepizzaandbeer night. I might not have literally *died,* but there would have been lots of pathetic sleepy tears. I can't even express how much you rule for that, and with everything, too. For this you deserve adulation, chocolate, and sex with the party/ies of your choice on the roof of Wilson Hall. I'll arrange it once my cosmic powers of manifestation are restored to me.

-- Little Red, who gets annoyingly verbose on-line when she's home alone and apologizes.
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