March 11th, 2004

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combing the brainwaves

Quantum Xerrion Consciousness Interface. Again, some more.

In this second encounter, I had my brainwaves combed about four times. But it didn't work. Apparently my brain is fluid or something. So I am left with negative theta waves. She had never before seen a negative number in terms of brainwaves.

Little Red: Computer glitch?
QXCI Lady: Uh... no. I think it's you.
Little Red: Oh.

Well, anyway, I got zapped all over the place (the whole left side of my body went numb, but she was unconcerned), and she revamped my diet and nutritional supplement intake *again* by energetically testing everything on the machine. I swear, [geek]this toy makes Tok'ra technology on Stargate look like it makes sense.[/geek]

And then I went home and got completely ill. All right.

Everyone involved in rearing me in the school of the new age would cringe to hear me say this, but there is something to be said for allopathic ("Western", for the uninitiated) medicine that does not make you sicker before you get better.


But really, aside from the ominous feeling that all the energetic poking about for repressed emotional traumas in my brainwaves might lead to some sort of catharsis in the near future (oh joy), which I really just don't care to have right now, I'm feeling fairly all right with the situation. I'm trying this 100% for now. And I had a great conversation (the most intellectual one I've had in at least a month, stunted though it was) with the QXCI woman that made me think about how, if this technology ever gets used for research, it might prove to be helpful in early prevention of Specific Language Impairment (a language learning disorder in children that I spent last fall studying and am still working on) for at-risk children because of its ability to detect nutritional deficiencies specifically by brain activity.

So Mumsey is renting The Thomas Crowne Affair (isn't she wonderful?) and I will watch pretty people have hot sex amid beautiful art and I will attempt to sort out the screwball directions for the neckline of the sweater I'm working on and then hopefully I'll be able to sleep well (I think it's somehow karendreamerthere</i> and besides I can't lift heavy things for rupturing of spleen etc.) And I'm stir crazy in the way that I want to go to Providence or Michigan or Chicago or Vancouver right now but can't ass myself to go outside and move my car into the garage before it snows.

So, in summation... I guess everything's kinda status quo. *shrug*

-- Little Red, who has otherwise had a really nice day.
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