March 14th, 2004

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Operation Maternal Stargate Addiction, Stage I.

Mwah ha ha ha. On the dawning of the fourth week of Little Red's home convalescence, Operation Maternal Stargate Addiction (props to lifelongfling for help with the Op title... *you* try coming up with clever Operation titles by yourself while baked out of your head on mono) has officially commenced. (I know, I know, I don't have enough to do with my life right now... but you already knew that.)

Although she read a little of "Second Chances", Mumsey has steadily refused to watch the show with me -- something about not wanting to know what they really looked like and not having to learn another sci-fi universe of whys and wherefores. I got her with "Window of Opportunity," which, in retrospect, really was the obvious choice. She *looooooves* Teal'c, like I knew she would. Hee.

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Clearly, this was only phase one. Anybody have any suggestions on a good Daniel episode (I have seasons 1 and 4 with me) that will make him look like less of a wussy? (allow me to take this juncture to preemptively tell keenween to shut up. I *know* my TV Linguist Boyfriend is a wuss! But not *every* single minute.) Because, while it's freaking hilarious to have my mother yelling "Be quiet, Daniel!" at the TV all the time, I figure I should try and justify my crush *somehow*... and I get enough of that at my place. But really, any and all suggestions for a curriculum (break her into the crazy galactic war arc action gently... but keeping in mind she's in it for the romance -- I come by that honestly) will be most appreciated.

-- Little Red, who deals science-fiction television like crack.
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