March 19th, 2004

sga - sparktober


How do my sisters both have livejournals and NOBODY TOLD ME?

Hmm. Perhaps there was a reason for this.

No, I'm going to pretend not.

Now I need to stop being an idiot and read over jammer0307's latest story. Yes, it's my fault none of you can read it yet.

-- Little Red, who hopes she hasn't revealed any embarrassing childhood secrets about either of them on this livejournal (why would I have done that? would I have had any reason to do that? no, don't think so) that she will now be flayed for...
sga - sparktober

five seven five, the magical thing...

Oh, wow. Not as many drugs as Hooptie-Goo's Haikus, but this is too fun. Gacked from alosersdream, the sister formerly known as littler red before I realized she had her Very Own Online Handle.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:mylittleredgirl
Your haiku:a good a time as
one could expect to have and
mono still sucks ass
Created by Grahame

And then lifelongfling and I started geeking the heck out on livejournal, because some of our lj haikus from this meme toy were Stargate-y, and started writing our own Stargate haiku (I am so tired I can't sleep is my excuse)... such as:

Teal'c he is the man
spelled with an apostrophe
or Murray for short


What's with the boyfriend?
Go make monkey love with Jack
Little Red *smacks* Sam

Hey, I didn't say they were GOOD...

AND THEN we made a new livejournal community just for Stargate haiku! (think of it... lj-spamming becomes a high poetic art) come play at: sg575 !!

So very tired right now *whimper* must sleep *whimper* so there might not be much there yet... so The Power Is Yours!! lifelongfling has promised an appropriately haiku-y icon. If this doesn't make us feel incredibly foolish come morning, fun will be had.

-- Little Red, who says
taglines can be poems too
haiku gleee party.
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