March 27th, 2004

sga - sparktober

public service announcement

The point: Don't feel unloved.

The details: My computer appears to have caught mono from me. This is manifesting itself in freaky crashes and with the internet apparently functioning now by carrying bytes back and forth one at a time by carrier pigeons with poor senses of direction. (also? mono appears to have destroyed my ability to form rational metaphors)

So it takes like 7 minutes (no lie) to load each page, if they load at all. And, since I still seem to completely lack the energy and brainpower to focus on simple tasks, and what energy/brainpower I have is being used up more at the Pawtucket House of Couch than it did at my parents', this means that dealing with internet stuff seems yet *more* overwhelming.

So I'm way behind on dealing with emails I owe and lj comments I wanted to reply to. Also, if I was supposed to read fanfic of yours or that you reccomended I probably haven't yet. And yes, I feel like a rather ridiculous human being for being unable to mentally process fanfic. But I will get back to you when I can -- I appreciate the email-type love a lot (reminders that I exist, and a welcome distraction when I start Thinking About Things I Can Do Nothing More About Right Now) and feel really badly for not properly reading or replying right away. So, sorry, I'll get to everything when I can, just wanted to let you know I'm not being nonresponsive out of spite or anything.

-- Little Red, who took over an hour to compose this post... and so can't really say too many nasty things about her brainless internet.