March 29th, 2004

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penetration coordinates

Oh, my God, early Star Trek: Voyager is SO DIRTY!!

It's all keenween's fault. We just spent the evening watching our way through the first DVD of the Voyager first season lent to me by the lovely Janeway-obsessed Bina (who would *not* be amused by keenween's rather terrifying crazy-Janeway impersonation employed whenever she got all wild-eyed and poorly lit in "Parallax")... and really... just SO WRONG! I'm not even talking about Janeway "serving under" Chakotay because, well, that was probably put in there on purpose... but all that about entering and wedging open cracks and punching their way through and slipping in and out of holes? That had no double meaning when I was twelve!

My technobabble innocence is gone! NOTHING IS SACRED!

Also, I finally saw the Stargate season finale, so my flatmate no longer has to descend steadily into madness for having no one to geek out/squeee with. Squeeeing occurred.

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-- Little Red, who may never look at technobabble the same way again
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