April 4th, 2004

sga - sparktober

X-Files Pawtucket

So... at about 7-something a.m. while I was still trying to get to sleep (perhaps I already was asleep? Would that explain it) a really large flock of men paraded down School Street wearing brightly coloured scarves, carrying pointed sticks, and chanting something.

Is this some kind of religious thing? Pre-easter do? Or I am I *completely* off my horse?

Because if I was hallucinating, I really hope I could have come up with something better.

-- Little Red
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sga - sparktober

It's times like this...

FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!!! (Sox at Orioles)

*Red Sox gleeee*

I've been so out of touch I didn't even *know* but I just randomly turned on my TV right as the game was about to start! *grin*

And my local Red Sox televising channel is playing "It's times like this I learn to live again."


And Johnny Damon, up first at bat, has perhaps the scariest mullet I have ever seen. You are still adorable, Johnny, but I really wish that during the playoff head-shaving madness last year someone had gotten you drunk and cropped that sucker. It has got, like a personality of its own.

And, dammit, I want my Trot Nixon. :(

Wheeeee -- Ramirez on base!! I should stop now. Really. Stopping.

-- Little Red, who is soooooo psyched and filled with as yet untrampled hope, despite absence of her Red Sox Boyfriend (tm)

Edited to add: *sob!*
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