April 6th, 2004

sga - sparktober

new Stargate fluff!

Shameless and random Sam/Jack wedding-related fluff (perhaps "shameless" and "random" is implied by "wedding-related fluff"?). And ohmygod besyd made me a DUST JACKET! I have COVER ART! *squeee*

TITLE: "Threshold"
CATEGORY: Sam/Jack. Nothin' but fluff. Future.
SPOILERS: "Heroes"
DISCLAIMER (in haiku):
Stargate isn't mine
and really, that's for the best.
Neither is The Tick.

SUMMARY: Just making sure.

dust jacket | story

Apologies to elly427 for promising soul-wrenching angst and instead turning in... well, not that.

-- Little Red, who will get around to properly updating her site and her WIPs... eventually
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