April 14th, 2004

sga - sparktober

*woo* writing from beyond the grave

The Postal Service of Brown University declared me dead.


They sealed my mailbox, threw out all my mail, and deleted me from their system.

"Huh. That's weird. You're [my full name]?"

"Yes." *flashes Brown card*

"And you didn't graduate."

"No... I'm on leave."

"That's weird. Usually they only do this for students who have passed away."

Hee. I should probably check to make sure they didn't tell my credit card companies that I was dead if/when they returned the statements to sender...

On the upside, now I don't have to file two months' worth of un-dealt-with mail :) Although I need to chase down a whole bunch of bills now, and I have *no* recollection of whatever else might have come there. Oh well, I suppose my early demise buys me a little time!

In slightly less morbid news -- I'm back in Rhode Island, and on the way Mumsey and I ran into alosersdream and ambermystery at a random rest stop on the Mass Pike! And I got to say happy birthday to my lovely sister in person!! Again: "Happy Birthday alosersdream!"

Thank you to everyone who sent comments/emails of love and support after my last message. I am truly awed to have such wonderful friends and st. a sibs.

-- Little Red, who would like to be posthumously channeled at all future Drinking Stargate or Chinese Poker events.
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sga - sparktober

*facepalm* to end all *facepalms*

I should not be allowed to use technology. AT ALL.

So I just read lifelongfling's TOTALLY ERRONEOUS livejournal in which she claims she sucks. I objected with something clever along the lines of "YOU DO NOT SUCK!!1!!" and she responded with something along the lines of "YES I DO!"

My brilliant plan of cleverness was to *phone* her, yell "YOU DO NOT SUCK!" when she picked up the phone and hang up.

She is in my phone as "Amanda S Cell". I, instead, called "Amanda Cell"

Amanda Cell is Amanda H., Kappa naught. VERY MUCH someone else.

Who happens to sound exactly the same as lifelongfling on her voicemail message.

I left a CRACKED OUT message on Amanda H's cell phone, in the manner of "This is Little Red and I had this MAGNIFICENT PLAN of you picking up the phone and me yelling 'YOU DO NOT SUCK!' after what I read on your livejournal but you didn't pick up! But you still don't suck! You're awesome! And stuff! K bye."

And then I had to call her back and leave *another* message explaining that she is the wrong Amanda and that I fell victim to the dangers of speed-dial and am THE BIGGEST MORON EVER.

And then I called lifelongfling and promptly got cut off.

This would seriously make me feel like *less* of an ass if it was ANYONE ELSE on my phone list, for lots of 'history' reasons that a few people on here will get. Beyond that, I haven't talked to her in person in well over a year. I hope she laughs, at least.

*smacks self in the forehead many many times*

It's because the Brown Post Office killed me. I swear.

-- Little Red, who really *does* suck
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